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Arneja Creation & Hotel Pvt Ltd was incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 1956 in Kolkata on 22-10-2001 as a Private Limited Company. It has its registered office at 1/1 Meredith Street, Kolkata-72.

It has four boutique properties one at Darjeeling one at Kolkata and one at Mandarmani all under the name and style of ?V I C E R O Y.?

Incorporated by the founder Mr. Prem Nath Arneja the brand philosophy of Viceroy as said by him is clearly differentiated by its locational advantage, its product and service designs.

The Darjeeling hotel was opened in 2005 and has a 40 key inventory while the Kolkata hotel was opened in 2013 and has a 32 key inventory, and the Mandarmani Hotel was opened in 2016 and has 45 key inventory.

All the iconic properties are four star category hotels and every aesthetics has been thought in impeccable dimensions to create a unique aura and environment offered with our personalized services such that the stay remains an unforgettable experience imbued with lasting status and repeated stays.